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Subject Area: Other
Grade Level: 10

Lesson Summary
The SIPDE system(Search, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute) is an effective defensive driving system that trains beginning drivers on what to be looking out for while operating a motor vehicle. The purpose of this lesson is to provide an easy way for student to remember how to be a defensive driver. Some activities that the Students will be involved in will be creating posters of the SIPDE system; viewing simulation videos; and evaluating driving scenarios.

Learning Objectives and Computer Functions
This lesson plan uses 0 objectives.

Problem Nature
Car collisions are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. The Top five reasons people crash on Utah highways are: Improper lookout; Failure to yield the right-of-way; Following too closely; Speed too fast; and Other improper driving. If students can learn to overcome these problems through defensive driving techniques then our roads will be more safe and more teenage lives can be spared.

Problem Data

Notes on Using Data

Problem Statement
The problem is that too many teenagers are dying each year because they are not using good defensive driving techniques to avoid a collision.

Data Manipulation
The learner used computers at level

Integration Strategies

Organization Strategies
Create posters and write summary essay.

Elaboration Strategies
Class discussion on SIPDE system and evaluation and exploration of other dangerous scenarios and how they can be avoided.

Results Presentation
Write a one page, typed summary evaluating the effectiveness of the SIPDE system in developing defensive driving techniques. (30 pts)

Each student will create their own mini-poster which idenifies the steps of the SIPDE system and creating pictures to help them remember each of the steps. The poster will demonstrate understanding of the concepts and allow students to visualize topic. (3

Activities Before Using the Computer
Students will be creating posters and getting familiar with the steps of the SIPDE system.
Students will also be discussing in groups how to handle different driving situations where the SIPDE system would be helpful.

Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness:
Knowledge is power activity.
Card Trick.
Vision vs. Perception demonstration
Front load collision statitics and top five reasons for collisions in Utah.


Activities While Using the Computer
Students will work at the computer groups

Group Information:
Simulators will provide an opportunity for students to view driving scenarios and react to what they would do in the variety of situations presented. They will be in three groups of nine because we have nine simulators. Each student will be driving their own simulator and assessing each driving situation. Students will rotate from posters work to scenarios to simulators.


Activities After Using the Computer
Students will generate a one page summary of what they understand about the SIPDE system and how they will use it to become a defensive driver. Students will identify other scenarios where the SIPDE system can be utilized.

Supporting Activities
Poster activity and scenario evaluations.

Students will be assessed by means of:

Included in the assessment:
Each student will be assessed on how well they respond to the driving scenarios in the Simulator videos. Students will also create posters demonstrating understanding of necessary steps. Students will write a one page summary of what they learned.

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