Recycle City Scavenger Hunt
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Subject Area: Science
Grade Level: 4

Lesson Summary
In a recycling frame of mind, teams of students will browse through Recycle City at to complete a teacher- prepared scavenger hunt. Students will also compile a list of other recyclables and ideas found in the city. Following the timed activity, teams will engage in a class presentation/discussion of their exploration.

Learning Objectives and Computer Functions
This lesson plan uses 0 objectives.

Problem Nature
How many ways can people in a city be involved in recycling?

Problem Data

Notes on Using Data
Students will create a list of recyclable items and ideas as they work through a teacher generated scavenger hunt on the internet.

Problem Statement
Rikki the Recycling Raccoon saw that students at Marine Elementary recycle several items. Rikki wonders how citizens in a city could recycle. Could we research the Recycle City website and make a list of ways that a city recycles and present the list to Rikki?

Data Manipulation
The learner used computers at level

Integration Strategies

Organization Strategies
The final list will be divided into 2 categories: hazardous waste and nonhazardous recyclable waste.

Elaboration Strategies
As the team of students work their way through Recycle City, they will list ideas for recycling as well as search for items on the scavenger hunt.

Results Presentation

Each group will present their findings of the scavenger hunt as well as their list of recyclable findings in Recycle City. The findings of this fourth grade will be sent to Rikki the Recycling Raccoon.

Activities Before Using the Computer
Teams can review the scavenger hunt list and decide what team duty each person will begin with and how they will rotate.

Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness:
Recycling on a personal level has been addressed the first semester with schoolwide recycling of aluminum, paper, ink jets, eyeglasses, and plastic. Thus, overall mindfulness has been established.


Activities While Using the Computer
Students will work at the computer groups

Group Information:
Students will be divided into teams of 3. Team duties will be: read from the scavenger hunt list, operate the keyboard, and make note of recyclables throughout the city. The activity will be timed for 30 minutes with duties being switched every 10 minutes.


Activities After Using the Computer
After using the computer, teams will tally items found on the scavenger hunt and complete their list of recyclables found in Recycle City.

Supporting Activities
By utilizing teams, the entire class will be engaged on computers at the same time.

Students will be assessed by means of:

Included in the assessment:
Teams will present a tally of items found on the scavenger hunt along with their list of recyclable items or ideas found within the city.

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