Identifying PC Hardware Components
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Subject Area: Business and Technology
Grade Level: Postsecondary

Lesson Summary
The purpose of this lesson is to identify several PC hardware components and describe their basic functions. Students will use various research materials to research PC components and present their findings using an presentation software.

Learning Objectives and Computer Functions
This lesson plan uses 3 objectives.

Objective 1: Learn how a computer requires both hardware and software to operate.
Uses The Internet to Use various search engines to look up functions

Uses Library Catalog to Research PC books to gather necessary components

Objective 2: Identify and describe the basic hardware components that are internally and externally connected to a PC.
Uses Word Processing to List each component and its function

Uses Non-Computer Tool to Save work to a removable storage device.

Objective 3: Present a final analysis of basic PC hardware components.
Uses Publishing Tools to Team members will compile a slide show of findings

Problem Nature
The problem is not being able to effectively troubleshoot and fix a customer\'s PC due to the fact of not knowing what basic components are in a PC and their functions.

Problem Data

Notes on Using Data
The students will save their work on their removable storage devices to compile later with their teams. The activity of each team member researching basic components is an individual project.

Problem Statement
As a PC Technician it is important to know what are the basic components of a PC and their functions. You will first identify what components are necessary to operate a computer and describe their functions. Using the Internet and retail PC magazines, you will compile a complete list of all necessary PC hardware components and create a presentation slide show to present to the class.

Data Manipulation
The learner used computers at advanced level

Integration Strategies
Know that you have researched and collected information about basic PC components, make a list of those basic components and their functions. Which components are optional in the design of a PC and which ones are essential?

Organization Strategies
Once everyone has compiled their list, get into teams and briefly compare and contrast everyone\'s findings. Find a common ground on basic hardware components that are necessary. Make a composite list of the findings everyone agreed to.

Elaboration Strategies
Create a power point slide of all the basic hardware components and their functions. Answer the following questions in your power point slide. Which components are necessary for a PC to boot? Which devices can be external? Which devices are peripheral devices?

Results Presentation
Only the teams\' compile report of basic PC components need to be submitted with the presentation.



Each team will create a 12-15 power-point slide describing each PC component and their functions. There should be an introduction and conclusion slide along with photos of each component.

Activities Before Using the Computer
Before using the computer, students can use their text books, or PC magazines to research basic PC hardware components. Students will document their findings in their notebooks.

Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness:
The strategy that can be employed is this lesson leads up to the students building an functional computer, so doing their best and finding all the necessary components is very essential to that major future project.


Activities While Using the Computer
Students will work at the computer indiv

Group Information:


Activities After Using the Computer
During the computer use, students will use the Internet to refine their search for basic computer components, and compile a list.

Supporting Activities
Non-computer activities students can engage in while waiting for the computer including group discussion among their peers about PC components, looking at the PC props the teacher provided to get a general idea of which components they will need to research and include in their findings report. Students will also begin to work on their portion of the power point slide show.

Students will be assessed by means of:

Included in the assessment:
Power Point presentation

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