The Circulatory System
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Subject Area: Science
Grade Level: 5

Lesson Summary
This lesson will allow the students to discover how blood moves through our bodies and the function of the circulatory system in our bodies. Students will make a life size tracing a team member and use red and blue markers to show blood exiting the heart and entering the heart.

Learning Objectives and Computer Functions
This lesson plan uses 3 objectives.

Objective 1: Students will identify the parts of the circulatory system.
Uses The Internet to research the parts of the circulatory system.

Objective 2: Students will list the function of each part of the circulatory system.
Uses Spreadsheet to list and define the parts of the circulatory sy

Uses Non-Computer Tool to define the parts of the circulatory system.

Objective 3: Students will create a visual to display showing the blood flow in the body.
Uses Other to trace a body and show the blood flow ina visually

Problem Nature
Health and Wellness

Problem Data

Notes on Using Data
The teacher will provide library books and internet access for the students to research the circulatory system. The students will also be provided with dictionaries and books specific to the circulatory system. Each team will have 3 memebrs so the parts of the circulatory system will be given to the teams and the team can decide how to divide them among the team members. The team will be provided with the materials needed to create their \\\"body\\\" and to show the blood flow.

Problem Statement
Pretend you have been shrunk and you are on a journey through the circulatory system. Create a visual that will show your journey. Make sure to use different colors to show your journey to the heart and from the heart. Your team will also need to narrate the journey. one written copy of the narration needs to be turned in for your team.

Data Manipulation
The learner used computers at beginner level

Integration Strategies
Students will use word processing to create a list of the parts of the circulatory system.

Organization Strategies
Syudents will be given a list of foods that are heart healthy and not heart healthy. They will use a spreadsheet to sort this information.

Elaboration Strategies
Using the information from the spreadsheet, the students will create a meal for their team that is heart healthy.

Results Presentation
Students will use the computer to create a list of the parts of the circulatory system and explain their definitions. Students will also write a narrative to accompany their visual. The narrative will explain the journey the blood takes through the body.

Students will present their \\\"body\\\" and narrative to the class. Students will need to provide the class with a copy of their narrative.

Activities Before Using the Computer
Brainstorm what the student know about the circulatory system. Also have student discuss with each other what they know or do not know. All students to ask questions and encourage them to discover the answers.

Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness:
KWL chart, ask students if anyone they know has heart disease, invite someone from the local American Heart Association to come and speak, provide the class with pictures and diagrams of the system it self.


Activities While Using the Computer
Students will work at the computer groups

Group Information:
Student will work in small groups of three. Each member will have a role within the group. One will be the team leader and the assessor. They will be responsible for keeping the team on track and assigning each team member a rating of 1-10. 1=poor worker and 10=excellent worker. The next team member will be the writer. They are responsible for writing down all of the information the team gathers during their research. The third member is the typer. They are responsible for typing all the information on the computer. These jobs rotate every lesson.


Activities After Using the Computer
Students will proof-read and edit their written work. all team members will have an opportunity to offer feedback.

Supporting Activities
The students can work on word finds and crossword puzzles using vocabulary from the circulatory system. Allow students to make flash cards and quiz each other. Provide students with an internet scavenger hunt about the circulatory system. Have student create a week worth of heart healthy meals and snacks. ________________________________________

Students will be assessed by means of:

Included in the assessment:
The student will list the parts of the circulatory system and the function of each. The students will create a visual that will show how blood moves through the body. Students will create a narrative to accompany their visual.

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