Jamestown Settlement
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University of Phoenix

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Subject Area: Social Studies
Grade Level: 4

Lesson Summary
VA SOL 4.3a-f Students will learn how and why Englishmen came and settled the Jamestown colony in the early 1600s.

Learning Objectives and Computer Functions
This lesson plan uses 3 objectives.

Objective 1: Students will identify the reasons why settlement overseas was appealing to the Englishmen in 1603.
Uses Searh Engines to discover reasons for settlement.

Uses Drawing Software to create a poster advertising settlement to others.

Objective 2: Students will discuss the value of the King\\\'s charters and relate them to their success.
Uses CD-ROM Resources to research and print the king's charters.

Uses Spreadsheet to create cause/effect chart of success.

Objective 3: Students will determine what problems may arise from their exploration.
Uses Word Processing to brainstorm problems that may arise on new soil.

Problem Nature
The lesson will center around the initial settlement of the Jamestown colony in 1607.

Problem Data

Notes on Using Data
Data will be given in tangible form and students will convert the information to an appropriate computer database for continued study.

Problem Statement
As the Englishmen made plans to settle in a new land, what steps did they take in order to succeed? What difficulties did they face?

Data Manipulation
The learner used computers at intermediate level

Integration Strategies

Organization Strategies
Students gather ideas from research and group the information for presentation. Group the information into categories of steps taken for settlement and then into difficulties they embarked upon.

Elaboration Strategies

Results Presentation
Students will write a description of the king\\\'s charters and what he granted for exploration to the new world. The report will describe what steps were taken for success.

Students will create an advertisement for investment in the travel to Jamestown. The poster should appropriately advertise why Englishmen are travelling and what they hope to find.

Activities Before Using the Computer
Students will research with textbook and library sources before using search engines. Also, students will create rough copies of written presentation and poster design before gaining time on the computer for final drafts.

Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness:
Group discussion will motivate students to discover the reasons for exploration. Using real-life examples, students will gain a better understanding of new world discovery and the steps taken for success. The computer will only enhance their knowledge and technology background.


Activities While Using the Computer
Students will work at the computer groups

Group Information:
Researcher (2) - Student will be at the computer to search through engines for details to have in the project. (1 - charters. 2 - reasons for exploration) Scribe - Student will type the final copy of written description of charters and reasons for exploration. Designer - Student will create a poster design on Microsoft Publisher for advertisement portion of presentation.


Activities After Using the Computer
After using the computer, students will have the opportunity to share presentations. Once presentations are displayed, the class will add details in their interactive notebook of details discovered through the project. Then discussion will lead students into new problems the colonists may face and how to solve them. (Ultimately leading to the next lesson in the unit.)

Supporting Activities
After the class has done minimal library work, the class will be split up into five groups. 1 & 2) Library resources to gather more supplies. 3) Rough draft of advertisement and charters. 4 & 5) Computer use for final drafts. Each group will have 10-20 minutes at each station. (To make research more accessible, the teacher should have 4-5 sites ready available for research.)

Students will be assessed by means of:

Included in the assessment:

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