Chemistry: Balancing chemical equations
Created by Bob Warne
Oklahoma State University
ID #: 10545

Subject Area: Science
Grade Level: 11

Lesson Summary
This lesson provides and introduction to balancing chemical equations.

Learning Objectives and Computer Functions
This lesson plan uses 2 objectives.

Objective 1: The students will learn to balance simple chemical equations.
Uses The Internet to Practice balancing chemical equations at http://fu

Objective 2: Students will satisfactorily (score of 80% or higher) complete both the web based activity and the homework worksheet.

Problem Nature
Balancing chemical equations.

Problem Data

Notes on Using Data
The lesson plan in development entails the use of a Java Script; web based chemical equation balancing application. The lesson plan is targeted toward a 11th or 12th grade high school chemistry class. A review of the applicable NETS for Students technology foundation standards and the Oklahoma PASS chemistry standards confirms that the material covered by the lesson plan is appropriate for the defined student group. NETS for Students (Section-5 Grades 9-12 Item 9) specifies that 11th and 12th grade high school students should be able to “Investigate and apply expert systems, intelligent agents and simulations in real-world situations.”, such as the equation balancing tool used for this lesson plan. The chemistry section of the Oklahoma PASS standards (Standard 2, item 4) establishes mass conservation and chemical equation balancing as appropriate material for this lesson plan.

Problem Statement

Data Manipulation
The learner used computers at intermediate level

Integration Strategies
Practice using web-based game that graphicaly shows the molecular relationships in a chemical reaction.

Organization Strategies
Students will learn to use noatation tools to aid them in balancing equations they find problamatic.

Elaboration Strategies
Students will transfer the knowledge gained from lecture examples and web-based practice and apply it to homework assignment.

Results Presentation
Turn in completed worksheet.

Students will print out their score.

Activities Before Using the Computer
Students will have read the applicable material from the course text and attended two classroom lecture periods where examples will be presented and worked by students on the balckboard.

Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness:
Provide link in favorites. Extra credit for completioin of advanced problems.


Activities While Using the Computer
Students will work at the computer indiv

Group Information:


Activities After Using the Computer
Complete homework assignment.

Supporting Activities
Classroom lecture and textbook material.

Students will be assessed by means of:

Included in the assessment:
50 question web based inquirey. 25 question worksheet assigned as homework.

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